Plinko Game Online for Real Money

Plinko online is a casual casino game originating from a once-popular television show. It has a simple triangular board with pegs scattered all over the surface. The player releases the ball and waits for the disk to land on a multiplier. The game is unpredictable because the disk can deflect from pegs and make its way to the board's edge, landing finally on a high multiplier. Online Plinko is one of the very few casino games with adjustable volatility, so risk-takers and conservative players with low budgets can customise the gameplay to their preferences: high but rare winnings or frequent but small ones. Those who play Plinko game online for real money can win up to $100,000. The game looks and feels straightforward and plain, but this first impression is about to change when you play it for some time and realise Plinko leaves room for a strategic take.

  • Plinko interface
  • Plinko interface
  • Plinko interface

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Plinko origins

Like many other casino games, online Plinko comes from a globally known TV show, “The Price Is Right”, aired in the USA since 1956. As part of the show, Plinko debuted in January 1983 and appeared multiple times until June 2007. Plinko was also called a pricing game, but that term has not taken hold in online gambling. Contestants were given a round puck, with a possibility of earning four extras, laid each puck at the top of the board and let them drop one by one.

At the bottom were nine pockets with symmetrical money values ($10k at the utmost left/right side). The board edges featured zigzag patterns that forced the pucks to ricochet to the centre—this is something that differs the original Plinko from online Plinko games. A chip can become stuck on one of the pegs, making the host knock it free, but this is another thing that is impossible in online Plinko.

How to play Plinko online

Online Plinko was developed by several game providers, including Spribe and BGaming. Though the games may have slightly different rules and payouts, the basic concept behind Plinko is universal. So, when visiting a Plinko online casino, you will see a pyramid-shaped board with a field of pegs. Each row is offset from the neighbouring row. At the bottom of the board are about ten pockets marked with multipliers. The number of pockets and multiplier values are subject to change depending on many factors to be explored below. Generally, you will see 12 to 16 multipliers there. This is what you should do to play Plinko online:

  1. Find an online casino featuring any Plinko version. Deposit funds if you want to play Plinko for real money.
  2. Pick any Plinko version that you like (Spribe, BGaming, other provider).
  3. Make a bet within the set limits. Consider using an Autoplay feature but mind that balls will be released fast, at a one-second interval, so your bankroll can exhaust quicker than expected.
  4. Tweak the volatility by selecting the risk level and the number of peg rows.
  5. Press a designated button to release a ball from the top. If you want to speed up the gameplay, tap the button while the ball is still dropping, thereby releasing one more ball.
  6. Make a few dozen rounds or so and adjust the volatility if needed.

A general tip to the game: Experiment with different risk levels because some play modes can be counter-intuitively more beneficial than others. The RTP value stays the same irrespective of the chosen mode, but you can still manipulate the hit frequency, thereby adapting the game flow to your preference.

How winnings are calculated in Plinko game online?

The math of calculating players’ rewards is very simple. The winnings that a Plinko ball has generated are equal to the bet multiplied by the pocket multiplier where the ball landed. For example, you wager $2, and the ball drops into a 1.1 pocket. Your prize will be $2 x 1.1 = $2.2.

Note that the resulting amount includes the initial bet, so the net income in our case will be $2.2 - $2 = $0.2. With this in mind, we are approaching an interesting thing widely known as “false wins”.

False wins in Plinko games

All video slots have paytables that display winnings for different combinations of matching symbols. High-valued symbols can award thousands of times a bet, while low symbols award a couple of cents. Video slots are where the false-wins concept allegedly comes from. If you bet $1 and get three identical symbols on a payline, the combo will pay out only $0.20. Do you have a win? Yes—because the payline triggered an award. What’s the net win? It is negative (- $0.80).

False wins also occur in Plinko, with their frequency correlating to the volatility level. In the hardest mode (Red), you will have five false-win multipliers that pay out less than wagered (0, 0.2, 0.2, 0.5, 0.5 in a 14-row format). This implies that many ball landings result in a loss, especially in the Yellow and Green modes.

Distribution of multipliers in Plinko

The logic of multipliers at the board bottom is governed by pure mathematics. A ball dropped from the top is more likely to end its fall closer to the centre. Hitting against the pins while moving down, there is an even probability of the ball’s turning left or right in relation to a pin. So the chances of resting somewhere near the edge are very low.

How to pick the best Plinko online casino

You will find many online casinos offering one or more Plinko games. However, not all of them deserve players’ attention as they can be a bad fit by some parameters. To get the best Plinko online gambling experience in the proper online casino, interested players should follow these simple steps:

  1. Check if the online casino accepts players from your location. With this in view, visit the casino and start signup procedures. If your country is not present on the signup form, you will not be able to join that casino and play Plinko for real money.
  2. See whether the online casino has effective gambling licenses and avoid casinos that have none.
  3. Make sure the deposit and withdrawal options suit you. Otherwise, you will have issues when topping up the account or trying to get Plinko winnings from the online casino. Plinko online with crypto betting is also available on some casino sites.
  4. Make a deposit, minding the bet sizes in Plinko: $0.1 min. in Spribe’s version and $1 min. in BGaming’s Plinko.
  5. If you are going to redeem a bonus code or claim a welcome package and wager it in the Plinko game online, get to know if Plinko is eligible for bonus wagering.

Spribe Online Plinko

The Plinko version from Spribe has a bet range of $0.1 to $100. A player can change the number of peg rows, picking one of the three options: 12, 14 or 16. The volatility levels are put in place by three lines of multipliers at the bottom. Red multipliers provide high volatility, yellow—medium, and green—low. Let’s look at the multipliers and associated risk levels in the following sections.

Game variance in Spribe Plinko

Plinko gambling online can be entertaining for all kinds of players since they can change the Plinko variance in one click. Below the triangular board, you will see three lines of multiplier pockets. They are of different colours. Similarly, there are three buttons in the UI triggering the balls. Clicking Red will release red balls, and the outcomes will be determined by red multipliers. If you click Yellow, the respective multipliers in the middle line will be taken into account for calculating the winning. The same applies to the Green option.

Pin row options

The Plinko online game from Spribe enables the player to pick from 12, 14 or 16 rows. Players who do not like risks should opt for the Green mode with 12 rows, while players aimed at the highest possible winnings would rather choose Red 16. To understand better the potential multipliers and cash prizes, look at the tables below:


# of Rows Min Multiplier Max Multiplier
12 0.5 11
14 0.5 18
16 0.4 35


# of Rows Min Multiplier Max Multiplier
12 0.3 25
14 0.2 55
16 0.2 118


# of Rows Min Multiplier Max Multiplier
12 0 141
14 0 353
16 0 555

Payouts in Spribe Plinko

The maximum win for one bet is set at $10,000. However, casino operators can change that limit. As you can see from the info table above, the best payouts are on the Red level. Those who prefer low-risk betting can win $3500 at max.

Autoplay feature

Plinko game online casino visitors will be happy to find an advanced Auto Play widget built into Plinko. It has so many settings and stop conditions that you will certainly customise the automatic play to your budget and other preferences. A player may pick and adjust the following Auto settings:

Mass release of Plinko balls

Contrary to intuitive expectations, a player may drop another disk while the first one is still on the way down. In fact, a player can click one of the three buttons—Green, Yellow, Red—as many times as needed, with each click releasing one disk of the respective colour.

Provably Fair Plinko online gambling

The Plinko online game uses Provably Fair technology for every game result. To know more about this widely used tool, click on the hamburger button at the bottom right corner and pick “Provably Fair Settings”. Here you will see the client and server seed values as well as a detailed guide to checking the correctness of any game round.

Experts believe it makes sense to confirm the rounds where you were very close to winning big, but the ball ultimately fell into a much smaller multiplier.

BGaming Plinko

This Plinko version is based on the same set of rules as Spribe’s title, examined above. Still, it has lots of minor differences and standout features. To begin with, the BGaming Plinko does not appear to be low-roller-friendly since you must bet at least $1 to launch one ball. The max bet is $100 per ball. The Plinko board with pegs is offset to the right edge of the screen. On the left part, there is a personal statistics area showing four columns: Time, Bet, Payout, and Profit.

The game scenario is standard: The player picks the volatility from three available options, customises the bet size, and clicks Play to release one ball from the black round circle at the top. Interestingly, there are no three-level multipliers below the pegs, contrary to what the Plinko from Spribe has. This is because a player can choose a risk level, and the chosen mode will reflect its multipliers at the bottom, while multipliers for other risk levels will be hidden.

Adjusting volatility in BGaming Plinko online

Abiding by the universal principle of Plinko, where the central slots have the lowest multiplier values, the game allows to pick from three volatility modes, known as Risk Levels, to tune the frequency and scope of winnings. The three levels are Low, Normal, and High. It goes without saying that the number of lines decreases or increases the number of multipliers on which the ball lands. Let’s review their lineup in the 10-row format:

As you can see, a high-volatility game generates winnings more rarely than in other modes because the three coefficients, which occupy five central slots, give away so-called “false wins”, where you will earn less than wagered.

Payouts in BGaming Plinko

The highest payouts in real-money online Plinko are available in the High-risk mode and with 16 peg rows activated. The explanation is simple: With many multiplier pockets at the bottom, it becomes more challenging for a ball to hit the ones close to the left or right edge. Since the balls tend to fall on the central area, you will generally have small winnings or losses. Below are reviewed the top 10 payouts that can be retrieved playing with the maximum $100 bet:

  1. $100,000
  2. $62,000
  3. $42,000
  4. $26,000
  5. $17,000
  6. $13,000
  7. $12,000
  8. $11,000
  9. $8800
  10. $8300

Most amounts listed above are achievable on a high-risk level with different peg configurations. If the player chooses the lowest volatility, the cash rewards are going to be pretty modest. Here is what you can expect on a low-risk level with 16 lines enabled:

  1. $1600
  2. $900
  3. $200
  4. $140
  5. $140
  6. $120
  7. $110
  8. $100 (the player breaks even)
  9. $50 (the player loses $50 on a $100 bet)

True odds

BGaming added a helpful feature that expert players will really appreciate. When hovering a cursor over any multiplier under the Plinko board, a popup appears, showing the probability of landing that multiplier. The chances are specified in a decimal format. There’s no way the player can affect these values in his favour, but these clues can help one to fine-tune the volatility/pegs correlation for the most desirable outcomes. Here are the winning probabilities at Low Risk, a 12-line formation:

Delving into the odds above, you can see that in about one-fifth of rounds, you will lose half your bet. The bulk of balls (73%) deliver multipliers of x1 to x1.4, while the highest possible win (merely x10 bet) can land about once in 2000 rounds. High-variance online Plinko gambling experience suggests a user normally gets higher awards, but false wins occur very often. An average winning potential at a high-variance gameplay is analysed below (in a 14-row format):

This is a more hardcore mode since about 82% of balls result in a loss. So if the player does not have a solid budget, High-Risk gambling is not recommended.

Autoplay settings

Automatic play is also possible in BGaming’s title, though this mode is less advanced than Plinko’s. All you can pick is the number of automatic spins (10 to 1000 at preset steps). A volatility level is adjusted once and cannot be changed once the auto mode is active. To change game settings, the player must stop the automatic mode.

PlinkoXY & Easter Plinko by BGaming

The provider made two revamped versions of its normal Plinko game, which are available in some online casinos. PlinkoXY was stylised to fit other games of the XY lineup. It has a black background with orange and white accents in the user interface. As for all other game aspects, including volatility settings, multiplier values, autoplay, and payouts, they are copied from the original Plinko version explored in the sections above.

Easter Plinko is a holiday-themed game with a festive light green background. The balls are replaced with coloured eggs, which are dropped from the top of the board and hit grass bushes acting as Plinko pegs. All other essential game features are the same—the modifications were made only in the visual part.

Gaming Corps Plinko

Gaming Corps, a small development studio headquartered in Sweden, released its Plinko version that makes a difference in the gambling industry because of its maximum multiplier of x3200 that can be won on the High level with 16 rows enabled. The bet sizes range between 20 cents and $50, which makes the largest win equal to $160,000 at max.

Risk levels and other features

The game has five row options: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16. Switching between these options also changes the number of trays at the bottom (the provider uses the term “tray” where others say “slot” with respect to multiplier pockets at the bottom). The distribution of multipliers differs from other Plinko games. For example, the low-volatility level with 16 rows features the following values below the pegs:

An interesting fact about this Plinko edition is that the low volatility is not that low. If you select 8 rows, you will see nine multipliers at the bottom, five of which still deliver false wins, i.e. resulting in a loss for the player. The multipliers include 0.6, 0.8 (2), 0.9 (2), 2.9 (2), and 10 (2). Given that, we can make a conclusion the game is likely to be interesting for risk-takers hunting for big wins.

Another unusual thing is that a player can choose the number of balls (1, 2, 3, 5, 10) to be launched simultaneously, not one by one, thereby saving them the trouble of clicking “Play” many times. This feature is enabled in the Manual mode as well. You can pick say “10”, set a bet size, and click “Play”, thus making ten balls release immediately.

Best payouts

The five highest rewards listed below are calculated from the top $50 bet. Mind that you can win any of them if you choose the “High Risk” option:

  1. $160,000 (probability: 0.003%)
  2. $27,500 (0.012%)
  3. $9500 (0.049%)
  4. $8850 (0.049%)
  5. $6000 (0.2%)

Bonus balls

Sometimes, you can see a rainbow ball dropped from the top. When this occurs, this bonus ball will land in one of the four slots with the highest multipliers. This feature activates rarely, but when it does, you will earn a fantastic amount.

Gaming Corps Plinko RTP

The provider claims the maximum RTP of its Plinko game is 97.17%. However, the value can vary depending on the player’s settings. The highest return is achieved if you play Plinko in the low-risk mode and on ten rows.

Plinko online casino tips

Online Plinko can hardly be called a game of skill because the ball’s trajectory is governed by the random number generator, and the player cannot force the ball to fall into a needed slot. A player cannot increase the game’s return by applying whatever strategy—the RTP will always stay within the boundaries established by the game provider. However, there are a few pieces of advice that can streamline the Plinko online casino experience, making it more pleasant and—to some extent—predictable. Read the tips below to make smarter betting decisions when playing Plinko for real money.

Picking a proper volatility level is essential

Plinko games offer stunning variability in risk levels. Huge winnings on high-risk levels are realistic, but you jeopardise your bankroll if it is small. You will not simply have enough money to leverage the RTP and win big, as small losses will eat into your bankroll faster. Test each mode with one or two balls to get a foretaste of it.

Stick to 16 lines at a Low level

Casual players who play once in a while without any serious plans for huge wins should pick the Low-Risk (Green) level and set 16 lines. This is the least risky mode where only one central slot produces a loss with a 19.5% probability. Here, players will usually have x1.1 and x1.2 winning multipliers with a 1:50,000 chance of hitting x16.

Use the automode with caution

Balls are released fast in the automatic mode, about one ball per second. This implies you can drain your bankroll if you have made incorrect auto settings and stepped out for a bit. Just imagine setting a $1 bet and 500 auto rounds at a high-risk level. Even if you absent yourself for five minutes, about 300 balls will have been dropped by the time you come back. Given the rareness of wins (about 20%) on the high-volatility level, the budget can be depleted all the way through.

Plinko online and bonuses

If you have claimed a bonus and want to play Plinko to get your bonus wagered, make sure Plinko qualifies for bonus wagering. Most online casinos exclude this game from playthrough requirements or assign just a small percentage as a WR contribution rate (5 to 10 per cent). Failure to read the casino’s bonus terms can finally cast a pall over your Plinko gambling experience.


Online casino Plinko games, powered by Spribe and BGaming, offer an exciting and engaging gaming experience. Inspired by the classic Plinko game from a television game show, these online versions provide a unique blend of chance and entertainment. Players drop a ball down a maze of pegs, hoping to land it in high-value pockets to win rewards.

Adjusting risk levels to their gambling style, players can enjoy various betting options, enhancing the thrill of each drop. The games feature user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible to both newcomers and experienced players. With the chance to win real money prizes (up to $100,000) and the nostalgic charm of Plinko, these online casino games offer an enjoyable and potentially rewarding gaming experience for those seeking a blend of luck and strategy in their casino entertainment.


  • How to play online Plinko?

    Plinko is an exciting casino game that combines elements of chance and skill. In this game, players drop a ball from the top of a vertical board filled with pegs. As the ball bounces off the pegs, it can land in various prize slots at the bottom of the board, awarding different payouts.
  • Who are the developers of Plinko?

    Plinko games were developed by Spribe, BGaming, and a few other reputable companies in the online casino industry.
  • Is Plinko a fair game?

    Yes, Plinko is a fair game. The outcomes are determined by random chance as the ball bounces off the pegs. Besides, Spribe’s Plinko uses the Provably Fair technology.
  • What are the betting options in Plinko?

    Betting options can vary, but generally, players can choose the amount to wager and the game volatility.
  • Are there any strategies for winning at Plinko?

    Plinko is primarily a game of chance, so there are no foolproof strategies. However, players can manage their bets and choose game volatility strategically to maximise their chances of winning.
  • What is the RTP for Plinko?

    It's typically around 95% to 98%, which is competitive with other casino games.
  • Is Plinko available on mobile devices?

    Yes, Plinko is optimised for mobile play. You can enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet, both on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Are there any bonuses related to Plinko?

    Some online casinos offer bonuses and promotions that may include Plinko as an eligible game. Check the casino's promotions page for the most up-to-date offers.
  • Can I play Plinko with cryptocurrencies?

    Yes, some online casinos allow you to play Plinko using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Tether.
  • What is the minimum and maximum bet for Plinko?

    The minimum and maximum bet limits for Plinko can vary depending on the specific version of the game: Plinko games from Spribe and BGaming have the $0.1-$100 and $1-$100 limits, accordingly.